Friday, September 11, 2009

Jabba diaper dream, Brad and I are like the poster children of hippie here in statesville. Which is actually really hilarious. We are not big on recycling (Statesville only "sort of" recycles) I can't stand the smell of patchouli. I do reuse ziploc bags and maybe I am a little more passionate about "hormone free", "natural", and "organic" than I need to be. Oh yeah, I have my own grocery bags, but doesn't everyone these days? What puts us in the "hippie" category is actually just the fact that I LOVE...I mean LOVE cloth diapers. We get the strangest looks when people realize that we actually are okay with scraping poop out of diapers and rewashing them for use again. Why is this crazy? Outside from the initial set up of buying the diapers, its so stinking cheap.'re actually not really even supposed to dispose of human waste into landfills...which is where your rolled up turds in disposable diapers end up anyhow. If we were all being
responsible, it wouldn't be that uncommon or uncomfortable to scrape poop into the toilet everyday whether using cloth or disposables!

So, saying all that, I was super excited in Ikea when I discovered this! It is the Jabba hanging dryer. And...I was even more excited when I saw Real Simple highlight it in their October issue! I've been using it for about a month now and drying cloth diapers could not be easier! I no longer have them draped over a typical drying rack in our bedroom which makes not only me, but my husband extremely thankful to the clever designers at Ikea. If you cloth diaper, you need this!


  1. this just makes me feel more guilty- which I know wasn't your intention. If i was more smarter (hehe) when I had Ruby, I would've registered for cloth diapers. But I didn't & now I can't even THINK about the amount of crap I am adding to the earth. Maybe I'll just buy one a month like the other hippies we love in stupid Arizona. . .

    also, I don't understand people who don't recycle. I mean, it's not that hard.

  2. Holy Cow, how do I not have one of those? Seriously? Mine are all getting janktified in the dryer because I am too impatient to air dry...but if I had one of those things!
    Love you hippie you!

  3. love this! ok we seriously need to get together & talk diapers, food, babies, etc. p.s. yalls house is adorable!