Thursday, July 28, 2011

The good and the hard

Sometimes life seems simple and good. Sometimes life seems a bit difficult. Other times, it seems insurmountable and impossible to get through a day.

But most of the time, I learn that things are simply good because they are hard.

I am in the midst of being overwhelmed daily with anything and everything that comes my way and recognizing the "good" and the "hard" in it all. No one ever promised "easy" but, we all know that life is full of changing. New seasons sometimes seem to come about so slowly that you are unaware life is any different than it was a year ago. until you look around and your knee deep in dirty diapers and potty training. You've cleaned up "pee pee" off the wall and picked up "poop" that has missed the potty once again.
This is hard....but it is good.

Picking food off the floor again, mopping spilled juice up off the couch. Wishing I just get a new couch and a newly decorated living room, and while I'm at it, how about a maid and a night out? Then realizing, oh yeah...This is just where we are right now. Things are tight and messy. But, we have a home, and room to splurge on pizza nights, and snacks for the pool.
This is hard...but it is good.

Awaking repeatedly in the middle of night to comfort after nightmares, or sooth a hungry baby.
This is just hard. but, we are healthy and have jobs that give it's good.

Vacation seems to be a battle of managing toddler food, nap times, meltdowns and tantrums, let alone making it to the beach before the rain showers and rush of the crowds. But then, there is amazement in seeing first fireworks, flying kites, spending time with Grandmoms and great grandmoms.
This is hard...but it is good.

Reflecting the current state of your family and realizing how different it would be if only your mother were still here to see it all. Knowing your children will never have a tangible relationship with the person you so loved and miss with your whole heart. It hurts to see her life gone, but how joyous is life as it continues and we grow our family, sharing "Nana" through stories and pictures. I get to say her name daily when I say my sweet daughter's name.
This is hard...but it is good.

I know that life is full of continued surprises. We always get what is unexpected and uncomfortable. I am thankful for the good that comes from it all.

Ahhh summertime...

I guess in the beginning of May, "Aaaahhh Summertime" is something I may say a lot. I love the warmth, the laid back scheduling, the freedom for traveling, pools, parks, and staying up late.

Enter Mid July. "uggghhh, summer". Brad's schedule has him leave for camp, making me a single parent for 8 days straight. (Bless all you single moms out there. I really don't know how you do it day in and day out.) We were able to take advantage of the time to potty train and take swim lessons. However, at the end of the week, I was ready for summer to be over and anticipated a schedule once again. Then came 100 degree heat, overcrowding at the pool (yuck), and a desire to skimp of outdoor adventure and stay inside with the luxury of air conditioning. I'm really feeling ready for fall these days.

We did manage to take a family outing yesterday to go for a bike ride....meaning, we walk and Miles "rides". We went to a local park that has a long stretch of pavement meant for running/biking/walking, and turned him loose. So fun! And, no crowds...the HOT temperatures had scared everyone away (I'm sure they were at the pool instead....glad we weren't. I didn't want to have to wrestle any toys away from kids that "took" what didn't belong to them. I am referring to my own child as well as others. Who really like playing referee???...not me)

We did stop along our walk/ride to look at nature-ish things, bugs, rocks, sticks, a dead frog. Yes, I said a dead frog. Which, unfortunately resulted in a two year old crawling into bed with us at midnight after crying out from a dream/nightmare that a frog was trying to get him....hmmm.

Aaahhh summertime adventures.