Friday, March 5, 2010

Praise God for Sesame Street

So, as a child I hated Sesame Street. No, I think I actually loathed it. I always wanted to keep up with my brothers and do things big boys do. (Yes, I said "boys") By the time I was of Sesame street age, I didn't want any of all. (Well, from what I can remember at least.)

Now, most days at 10, I have PBS on, and that wonderful show that has aired since 1969, finally gets my attention. Maybe it's because it entertains Miles all the while being a stimulating resource for his brain. Maybe it's because during the time I can clean up the breakfast mess, and get some laundry in the machine. Maybe because it's wholesome (though I have heard the phrase "poo poo head" used recently)... Or maybe because it lifts my spirits....

I'm ready for spring, ready for scenes outside the walls in my home, ready for new life and fresh air....AND ready for some Jason Mraz.


  1. YES!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS clip. Seriously, I play it for Grayson over and over. We watch Sesame Street at 8am (well sometimes I DVR it so we watch it later) but it is totally amazing how much Grayson loves "Melmo's World". Yes. it is an hour in front of the TV that I am so ok with. hilarious that you just described a morning at my, we are best friends.
    Love you Leigh Shaw.

  2. man, grady is usually napping during this time of day... maybe i'll just watch it myself. thanks for coming to grady's party... lets do dinner soon!