Thursday, April 1, 2010

ACK Indeed!

In the past years, I have slowly been gaining momentum in my passion towards food. Lets just say, I have really strong opinions about the misuse in labeling, governmental food priorities (food that is bad for you is inexpensive to stamps aren't helping make us healthy...), and don't even get me started on school lunches. The whole truth surrounding the food industry is stomach churning. The country as a whole, is set in this rut of obesity, unhealthy living and habits, as well as being apathetic about it all.

I stumbled upon this Colbert Report and could not quit laughing. He makes light of the issues, but is dead on with the points he makes about us (as a country) and our view of food.

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  1. I'm starting my square foot garden this weekend. I hope it is as easy as the book makes it sound. We picked this garden style for the amount of veggies you can grow in a small space. I think everyone should have a veggie garden. It is the first step back to healthier times!!

  2. ahhh the blended meat. ick...