Monday, May 16, 2011


So. I have this folder on my computer full of blogging ideas that I have documented. They include memories, special events, photographs of those memories and events, crafting, home projects, fun ideas, matters of the heart....and the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, I'm not great at getting past that step. I will day. Life is busy, and I'm a perfectionist. Getting these things down on here seems like a task most days. A task I'm not willing to spend too much time on. (Example 1: our last post is from January)

A lot has happened and I want to share. I also want to finish my thank you notes and get out our baby announcements (both from November...WOW)...

Like I said. Procrastinator. BIG TIME.

Well, I'm on my way there.

1. I have an updated blog as of today..YAY.
2. 5 thank you notes completed as of today.
3. I will be addressing our sweet baby girl announcements tonight...AND
including a picture of our (not so new) little girl addition....yeah
we had a baby in case you didn't know.

Here's to a cup of hot tea, two kids in bed, and some attention given to the U.s. Postal Service and the interweb.


  1. I love it baby. Keep the folder going, it's full of treasures.

  2. LOVing the new look! & excited to read about bucklad adventures as the folder is posted in your own timing :)