Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ahhh summertime...

I guess in the beginning of May, "Aaaahhh Summertime" is something I may say a lot. I love the warmth, the laid back scheduling, the freedom for traveling, pools, parks, and staying up late.

Enter Mid July. "uggghhh, summer". Brad's schedule has him leave for camp, making me a single parent for 8 days straight. (Bless all you single moms out there. I really don't know how you do it day in and day out.) We were able to take advantage of the time to potty train and take swim lessons. However, at the end of the week, I was ready for summer to be over and anticipated a schedule once again. Then came 100 degree heat, overcrowding at the pool (yuck), and a desire to skimp of outdoor adventure and stay inside with the luxury of air conditioning. I'm really feeling ready for fall these days.

We did manage to take a family outing yesterday to go for a bike ride....meaning, we walk and Miles "rides". We went to a local park that has a long stretch of pavement meant for running/biking/walking, and turned him loose. So fun! And, no crowds...the HOT temperatures had scared everyone away (I'm sure they were at the pool instead....glad we weren't. I didn't want to have to wrestle any toys away from kids that "took" what didn't belong to them. I am referring to my own child as well as others. Who really like playing referee???...not me)

We did stop along our walk/ride to look at nature-ish things, bugs, rocks, sticks, a dead frog. Yes, I said a dead frog. Which, unfortunately resulted in a two year old crawling into bed with us at midnight after crying out from a dream/nightmare that a frog was trying to get him....hmmm.

Aaahhh summertime adventures.

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  1. Look at the legs on that guy pushing the stroller. Handsome fellow