Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Close to same

So, I decided to stay home today in hopes of giving Miles a "normal" day with "normal" routine. It turned out okay. We got in a two hour morning nap in his own crib...praise the Lord! We played in our exersauser, jonny jump up, gym, and tried to make a little headway on our crawling. Our pjs stayed on all day, the tv played, and beds did not get made. Oh well...We both enjoyed our day at home.

I did get an update via Chuck and here is how Mom is doing...

She is still running a temperature. I have not said too much about it lately because it was so low during the past week. However, today it was slightly above 100. Dr. Anyanwu decided to remove the central line that is currently in her neck on her right side. It has been there since her last procedure as a precaution in case they had to go back in. He is going to replace it with a new line on her other side. The reason she may be running a fever could be contributed by a possible infection from the old line.

Another EEG had been ordered to check for any seizure activity. She has been on medicine to prevent any seizures. The last one we are aware of is the one she had during her last procedure (the same one that the current central line is from). The medicine that she was taking needs to be switched due to a rash she has developed over her abdomen.

All TCD numbers continue to be at an appropriate level.

She is still not very awake and aware even though she is barely on any additional help that would cause her to be this drousey. So, pulmanary, who still says her breathing looks great, has not pulled the breathing tube. She remains on CPAP.

Finally, the last bit of news...she squeezed with her left hand! Then the doctor asked her to put up 2 fingers. I think that was a bit too hard for the moment so, Dr. Anyanwu asked her to give a thumbs up. She tried, didn't quite get there but tried I'll take it!

I plan on being at the hospital again tomorrow, and will write again as news develops.

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