Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thank you for gift shop balloons!

So, I thought I would add a fun clip of Miles and his favorite new toy balloon...I know, I know, there are probably those of you that hate the idea of babies and balloons. But, really this is so much safer than the plastic bag he was playing with before...ok that was a joke. Many Many thanks to Aunt Carol and Aunt Jeanie for their love and support at the hospital. You two are awesome, and Miles just loves that balloon even two weeks after you gave it to him!


  1. He has grown so much just since January...I can't stand it! I love y'all so much...xoxox give the little guy big hugs for me :)

  2. oh my gosh. my cheeks hurt. I watched the beginning over and over to hear him laugh. what a freakin cutie pants! Miles!!!

  3. I've asked Rich a million questions since he returned from visiting Chuck and Lynn and seeing several other family members. He told me how cute Miles is, and now I can see for myself.
    I check this site several times a day and continuously send prayers Lynn's way. I pray also for the two of you and Chuck as I'm sure you are all exhausted.
    The last couple of days have sounded encouraging, so prayers are being answered.
    Love, Nancy