Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day 17 mid day

Before beginning this post I want to explain a change in how I will be reporting TCD numbers. Initially when Chuck and I spoke with Dr. Anyanwu on April 3, we got to see the TCD numbers on a report. They were written with decimals as we reported 2.8 and 2.6. When doctors and nurses reference them they say 280 and 260. So, I will start reporting them as this. Numbers in the 200s are not great. Numbers lower than 100 are ideal.

The doppler report is in. Her TCD numbers are all below 100 except for 2 of her arteries. The left central cerebral artery we are concerned with is showing a TCD number of 214. Still higher than we would like however, it is coming down. We just want to maintain that pattern. Soon, we hope to be seeing TCD numbers even lower. Most numbers we are seeing are below 100 and one artery slightly over 100.

So, there you go. Good news on TCD Levels. We are fighting this.

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  1. Thanks Leigh! You might be able to switch to a RN after all of this :) Love you!

    Can you tell Mom in one of your talks that Nick made the track team for me. I know she would be super excited!