Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day 11 Mid-day

We just received a morning update from Chuck over the phone. Leigh has tutoring this afternoon and won't be going in until after it this evening.

Chuck gave consent for them to place an arterial line back in. These are used to give the doctors perfectly accurate real time measurements of her blood pressure. High blood pressure is one of the main things they use to combat the vasospasms. Think of a garden hose being stepped on--one of the ways to fight the force of the foot pushing down on the hose is to increase the pressure of the water inside the hose. Same thing with the vessels in the brain. Lynne originally had a arterial line in her right arm, but it kept coming lose when she would move around. Putting it back in will help the docs find that sweet spot between too high and not high enough.

They've also ordered an MRI. First one she's had since coming in. I guess we'll find out more about what they're looking for with it when they get it back.

Chuck ran into Dr. Anyanwu in the hallway and got a chance to talk to him about Lynne. He said that after his examination, he thinks that Lynne is definitely no worse than yesterday, and if anything is a little bit better. Dr. A asked Chuck if he thinks Lynne recognizes him when visiting, and Chuck said, "Absolutely." It just seems like she can't get it out.

More encouraging news--Nurse Jess is back! She reminds me of Mary Stuart, and we love having her there. While examining Lynne earlier, they were trying to get her to move her arms and legs by pinching her knee and triceps. Apparently, Lynne can say "Ouch" really well! This is good for us to hear.

Later today Dr. Anyanwu is going to examine her again, and said we'll go from there. All in all, sounds like a good morning. We'll update again this evening after Leigh visits.

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