Friday, April 10, 2009

Good morning Day 19

The initial TCD numbers are in for today. The left central cerebral artery had dropped from numbers in the 200 to todays number in the 80s. Wow. Chasity, our nurse for the past two days, was excited to report the numbers to us. She said that sometimes when those vasospasms come down...they just drop. Please, please, let that be the case! I do not want that number to rise again. Meanwhile, all numbers are where they need to be with the other one still dropping and hanging in the 100s, as it has been all week.

The plan has been to keep mom on CPAP for longer periods of time each day, eventually weaning her off the respitory assistance all together. They had made the decision to slowly take her off the diprovan anestesia (slower working) and switch to the fentinal (fast working). However, Mom seems to fight the tube in her mouth/throat when she's on the fentinal so she has been needing morphine to help with the irritation she feels towards it. So, today Chastity talked to the doctor who suggested precedex to see if that works in place of the combination of fentinal and morphine. This drug isn't as much a sedative as a "feel good" sort of drug.

We haven't talked to the doctor yet today, but we're optimistic with this news and anxious for Mom to start being awake more. We'll post more after speaking to the doctor later today.

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