Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Morning...

A beautiful day. A beautiful Mom. She would love to sit outside today. I bet she would be moving her plants from inside to outside, or perhaps planning her fish pond she has yet to install. I called her today.

For those of you that don't know, my Mom and I are super close. I talk to her every day while Miles goes down for his first nap of the day. We discuss anything and everything. Sometimes I feel a bit guilty when I realize we have been on the phone 10 minutes, and I have yet to finish spitting out my woes of the day before asking how her day has been. Last time I called her was two Mondays ago when Chuck answered. I was later than usual calling. Making the call around 11 am instead of 10...I missed hearing her voice that day. So, I decided to call today.

Of course I knew I would get her voice mail...but I wanted to hear her voice so badly. I think this is the longest I have been without a phone conversation since hiking Tahoe 5 years ago. I loved hearing her cheerful message. It's all I needed. I wanted to leave a message for her but decided instead that I would whisper in her ear.

I would tell her how much I love her and can't wait to see her home soon. I would tell her of the beautiful day outside and how I am excited to sit outside in the grass with her as we did last summer when I was big and round and lonely with Brad away at camp. How, Miles is taking "assisted" steps in the waiting room, and Uncle John is trying to feed him mints from Olive Garden. I don't like saying I can't wait for this to happen or that to occur (though I do find myself there often)... but instead, I want to live in the moment of today. I'm happy.

Happy that Mom has TCD numbers slightly lower than yesterday, that her fever is down, that she looks so incredibly peaceful in bed today. Her color is good, and she responds to stimulus from Dr. Hecht. In conversation today he discussed a MRI later in the week. An MRI to use for "where to go from here". We're going somewhere. I'm happy.

We are still in the middle of a very hard place. I am aware we are not exactly where we would like to be just yet. But I am hopeful it will be soon.

Because it is the weekend, doctors are here but not "around" as they are during the week. Dr. Chase is on call, as well as Dr. Hecht. If we don't see them, then that is good. We saw them last Sunday before Mom went in for her second procedure. I don't want to see them if it means something needs to be done or fixed. For now she rests, and her body is trying to fix itself. I want that to happen.

Just before our way out to lunch, Chuck and the Greens slipped into Mom's room to rub her arm and say hello. For those of you that know Dave, its like pulling teeth to get him to talk or befriend someone he does not know....yeah right. With all the talking in the room, apparently Mom opened her eyes. While we were out to lunch, the doppler people came in and got new readings for the day. Dr. Chase came and examined her. She was pleased and told the nurse to stay with what was being done. It was working, and she did not want to change a thing. The best news is that Mom's TCD numbers are all down a bit more than yesterday. (oh yeah, we also found out today that the TCD numbers we saw for yesterday were not accurate and those numbers were down as well) As of now, the trend for the last three days has been positive with these numbers and their decrease. Praise Jesus!

Tomorrow, Dr. Anyanwu will be back and we will see what he has to say. Please continue with your prayers. I want to continue on this plateau and then go up from there. We just can't bear to hear anything other than that.

The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to him in song.

Thank you for today.


  1. I happy for another "good" day. I do agree with you Leigh I miss talking to your mom too! I don't talk with her everyday but enjoy the time I do get to talk to her about the kids and life. I miss her talks with Andy, harassing him about asking me to marry him before I get away. Lets Pray the rest of the week can be even better than this weekend!

    Love ya

  2. Thank you for the amazing update Leigh. Again, you had me in tears, yet with a smile on my face this time. Your strength and dedication is immeasurable.
    Much Love and Continued Prayers, Kelly

  3. Leigh,
    Just one more reason for us to treasure every moment. I talk to my mom every day too. Often twice. Like you, I love my mom more than words can say. My prayer- that very soon you can call your mom again with the little things of the day.

    Jennifer Diggs