Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Exposing your baby to the general public I just have to rant a little bit. Chuck and I have been grabbing lunch together pretty much everyday since our days at the hospital have started. Today we decided to each at my little brothers least favorite, and one of our favorite restaurants, Jason's deli.

So, I happen to think the world of my son. And of course I should. He is beautiful in every way possible...yes, even at 12, 2, and 4 in the morning these days (I just don't spend too much time doting on him during those hours) I'm okay with others enjoying his smiles, giggles, and oohing and aaahhing over him. I've gotten used to it. But, come on crazy Jason's cleaning lady! You just finished clearing the trash off tables and carting your trash bin to the back. Somehow, you think it is okay to take your dirty palms and place them on both of Miles cheeks to squeeze his little face into a version of a fat kid....while he is eating.

You think this is okay?

And what about you crazy pink hospital lady from Vermont where everyone is "crunchy"? I don't know where your hands have been either. Why are you touching my sons face and head! Seriously.

Next time I'm just going to touch your face. Will that be acceptable? Maybe I'll forget to wash my hands and leave you with a mystery of where my hands have been...

Next time please by all means comment on the cuteness of my son. Ooohh and Aaahh. We are pretty amazed at the things he does everyday. But, please, please, if you must touch him. ASK or just reach for his foot. At least its covered in a sock!

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