Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 25 Mom Update

Met with Dr. Anyanwu. Here is the breakdown of what was shared.

He is "very very excited" about the results of the MRI. It shows there is no more damage made since the last MRI taken. There was a small, small (almost not worth mentioning) stoke that has happened during the last week or so. However, it is nothing to worry about.

The EEG from yesterday showed that Mom is still having seizures. They have decreased with strength and frequency (showing that the meds are working). She will have another EEG today and we will hear results tomorrow. The rash she had from the dilantan has cleared up considerably and a new medicine has been started. Dr. Anyanwu explained that her lack of consciousness we are seeing with Mom could be contributed to the seizures. Once they end we should she a return to open eyes and awareness. If not, there is a medicine that they can give that would give a boost of energy for her.

They decided to hold off the tracheotomy and feeding tube for a little while longer. They believe that Mom is just right around the corner from being able to get off the breathing machine. They want to wait and see how she feels once the seizures stop. That is good that they want to just hang in because she really must be so close to being ready!

I am so happy to hear this news. Again small steps is all I am asking for. We will get there soon enough!


  1. Oh, Leigh. This makes me happy too! Really does sound like you're close to getting your mom back! Maybe those daily phone calls are right around the corner!

    Jennifer Diggs

  2. Small steps work for me. There will be time for the marathon later! Love you guys.

  3. Love you Leigh, tell mom we are all waiting for her and Love her!