Thursday, April 30, 2009

I am your doctor!

What a wonderful gift yesterday! I am singing praises today with the news of her responses to Dr. Anyanwu...who by the way was high fiving people in the ICU after communicating with Mom.

I spent the morning with Mommom and then made a B line for the hospital after Nick, Mom's nurse, called with the exciting news. Once we got there, Nick stayed a large amount of time with us talking about the exam from earlier in the day. Unfortunatly, that morning was when Mom spent most of her awake time. So, by the time we all arrived, she was worn out from the day. We got a few moments with her while her eyes were open. Chuck used the opportunity to write open your mouth...she tried but didn't quite get there. He shared the words I love you on the white board before she drifted off back to sleep.

So what does all this mean???

Apparently two huge pieces of information about Mom and her recovery:

1. She comprehends. We know she can read and comprehend. We are also pretty sure she can hear and comprehend but, that connection in her brain might not be as strong to allow her to respond.

2. The connection between a command (what she read) and her ability to respond is present. She may not physically be able to do what is asked, but she does try.

We are still waiting to hear from insurance...they notoriously take a long time for this step. Once we hear from them, Mom can be moved to "Select Care". There she will begin receiving physical and occupational therapy while she continues to heal.

Continue to pray for healing. God has been so good thus far! We would love to see more breakthroughs like yesterday.


  1. Praise God! Leigh this is awesome news. Thank you for faithfully sharing with us.

  2. so glad to hear this wonderful news. i love y'all and am thinking of you alot. you're a wild woman leigh and so strong--it's heartbreaking yet beautiful to watch you so gracefully and faithfully walk through this. xoxo

  3. It is so good to know that healing is in progress and that prayers are being heard. I love that there was a sparkle of creative problem solving involved. I know we hope and pray for complete healing, but it is nonetheless miraculous that God enabled you to communicate with your mom in this way.