Saturday, April 11, 2009

Has it really been 20 days?

It has been a very long day. Not because of any crazy news about Mom, but because all is still the same. There is not much to report...which is good I suppose. I guess when all this started I thought we would know more about Mom and her prognosis by now...yet we don't. I can't be too impatiant. Mom is hanging in and fighting. Thank you for being faithful in your prayers for Mom.

Today her TCD numbers were all below 100 except for that pesky left central cerebral artery which registered in at 109...that is still good. They are continuing to try to get the combo of pain meds just right. When it is not a good balance, Mom just chews and gnaws on the tube that is helping her breathe. She chews so hard that Jess, our nurse, was afraid she was going to hurt herself. So, they had to up the dosage to keep her sedated. Pulmonary came by and said her lungs sounded great, which means that their happy about the amount of...errr lack of fluid she had in her lungs. I guess the lasex she received helped her get rid of some of that extra fluid. Dr. Chase did not dump anymore fluid after last night. I'm sure she is still just waiting and making sure the vasospasm period is finished. In addition, Mom's hemoglobin count was down so she received some blood to help with that.

I'm making this post short tonight. I'm spent and in need of rest,and Miles is not sleeping too well these days. Seems that the hours spent at the hospital are wearing on him. I have hope in the redemption of this but it is wearing on us all....


  1. Hang in there, Leigh. You are a warrior, and a source of strength for your Mom and family. God has His hand on and over her, as well as you and your family. You are being prayed for in constant.

  2. Leigh,
    Your mom has been in my prayers constantly... so have you.

    May this day bring true resurection.