Monday, April 6, 2009

Two weeks in

Leigh is off to the hospital with Miles today while I'm home trying to catch up on some work in Statesville. I just got off the phone with her, and here's the update on Lynne so far today.

Her TDC levels are back up over 2.00, which is not good. They've raised her blood pressure to help fight through, and are continuing to keep her intibated and sedated for now.

Apparently Dr. Anyanwu is out of town all week and Dr. Green has taken over Lynne's care. Chuck had the chance to meet with her earlier today. Lynne responded to being pinched again today, which is good, but didn't move her limbs when they briefly brought her out of sedation.

Chuck asked Dr. Green why Lynne's vasospasms haven't ended yet, especially when we were told that after 14 days we should be out of the woods. Dr. Green said that sometimes cases are more severe and can last as long as 21 days, and that's Lynne's spasms are just worse than they normally are.

Otherwise, everything is still the same. I'm sure that Leigh will post in more detail this evening after she gets home. Her and Chuck are there at the hospital with a various assortment of family (I'm not exactly sure who's coming or going today). This up and down (even while this one is less dramatic) is really tiring. Good day, bad day, good day, bad day. Please pray that Lynne's TCD numbers would go back down and stay there, and for the family to be encouraged in the midst of the setback.

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