Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day 17 morning update

Today we are holding steady. The respitory doctor still confirms thst Mom is doing awesome with the breathing machine. She is on CPAP. CPAP ventilation (continious positive airway pressure) can prevent the need for having to be on a respirator permantly. It kicks in (like training wheels) when she doesn't breathe quick enough or deep enough. But, as of now she is doing wonderful in that area. Better than most patients according to the nurse.

The plan for today is to stay with the previous plan for treatment. It seems to be working. They switched Mom's sedation meds to one that is fast working. So, if they want her to wake up, it is almost instantly instead of over multiple minutes. This should help her wake up and focus sooner during an examination.

Tiffany, a Starbucks friend of Mom and Chuck's, stopped by today to see Mom. I know Mom would be so excited to see her and have some of the salted hot chocolate she brought....Sorry Mom, I split it with Mommom...I owe you one when you get out.

The CT scan went well. They did not see anything new which is an answer to prayer. We are still waiting for today's TCD numbers. Regina the nurse, had no way of knowing when they would roll into her room with the doppler. I guess I'll just wait and see after the neuro quiet time lets up at 4:00 for visitation hours. When we know I will post.

She is resting calmly in her room, and visits are short and sweet these days. I find myself being so impatiant. I want so badly for this vasospasm time to pass and to get onto recovery. I'm anxious for Mom to walk and to talk. But for now. I'm still thankful for today.

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